Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total at Chaifetz Arena

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Chaifetz Arena | St. Louis, Missouri


If you act fast you can book tickets to see Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total for a live performance at the breathtaking Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri on Tuesday 13th August 2024. This show marks one of the hottest nights in Soul and R&B music in St. Louis for 2024. Already, fans and music lovers alike are queuing up to book their tickets first to see this one-night-only event. But you could have first choice on ordering tickets to see the show by clicking on the Buy Tickets button below. If you don’t want to miss out on raw talent, passion, and undeniable energy, then order your tickets now while supplies last.

No other experience equals the emotionally charged and stirring musical adventure that R&B tunes can deliver. Put simply, it arguably stands as among the best genres of music exerting the greatest influence on various musical genres. R&B’s extensive popularity is shown by its intertwining with various other types, sometimes rendering it difficult to distinguish from other genres. However, the best definition of R&B music resides in its application of rhythm and blues—thus its name. Heartfelt crooning and a resounding backbeat have distinguished R&B as a singular form of art over its historical past timeline. With notable names in the music industry being Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total, we’re confident you’ve grooved to their melodies at least one time in your lifetime.

We'll pause the lessons on R&B - Our goal is to proclaim that the most sizzling R&B artist is arriving to town! Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total is gearing up for an anticipated show in St. Louis, Missouri and it is an occurrence you shouldn't miss. Hailed as one of the most R&B artists of the current generation, Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total shall bestow upon you an extraordinary nighttime. Infusing rhythm and blues with elements of pop, soul, funk, hip hop, and electronic music alongside soul-stirring vocals, Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total is arriving to demonstrate that the attention they are currently receiving is justified. Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total's heartfelt music style is infused with relatable lyrics and groovy instrumentals, ensuring the presentation will have you mesmerized. It’s undeniable - there isn't a solitary musical event this summer that can parallel the feeling this spectacle will offer. So waste no time, immediately etch this on your schedule!

The show is scheduled to take place at the illustrious Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri on Tuesday 13th August 2024. We strongly recommend you to gather all your friends and inform them that you have plans to witness the most splendid mesmerizing R&B vocalist in the flesh. Prepare an incomparable evening with Xscape, SWV, Mya, 702 & Total as they serve up all their best hits, potentially featuring some of your beloved tracks. An night brimming with awesome music and the best pals creates the perfect atmosphere for a truly unforgettable night out. Don't forget: the demand for this live show is immense and seats are quickly getting snatched up. Obtain yours now by selecting ‘buy your tickets’!

Xscape at Chaifetz Arena

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